BABC Comments on MTC's Sustainable Community Strategy

BABC and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership are working towards better bicycling in the Bay Area by seeking changes to MTC's Sustainable Communities Strategy.  Read our latest letter to MTC here.


MCBC seeks a new Volunteer and Activities Coordinator

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) is a national leader in bicycle advocacy that is working to complete Marin County’s bicycle/pedestrian network and make our community safer and more accessible for all users. MCBC seeks a part-time Volunteer and Activities Coordinator for its Fairfax office to utilize MCBC’s excellent volunteer resources and assist with event implementation. 

The Volunteer and Activities Coordinator will be responsible for assisting with the successful implementation of MCBC’s many marketing and membership campaigns, activities and events, under the direction of the Membership Director. 

The Coordinator must have the ability to interact with staff at all levels and volunteers in a dynamic environment, remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism. The ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously, and follow through on tasks in a timely manner is critical. A love of communicating with people in person, on the phone, and via email, the web and social media is a must! 

The position offers involvement with coordination of all of the non-profit’s public outreach activities, requires focus on MCBC’s marketing and fundraising areas, and provides the opportunity for using a wide variety of skill sets. If you are an outgoing, motivated multi-tasker who loves working with people and organizing events, this job will keep you fulfilled. This position reports to the Executive Director and the Membership Director, depending on the tasks being completed.

Hourly position for 20 hours per week, on average (busiest February through November)
Partial Health and Dental Benefits (50% paid – pro-rata with weekly hours worked)
Compensation is $17 - $20 per hour, depending on experience         

Safe Routes to School National Partnership Hiring Regional Policy Managers in DC, Southern California, and the Bay Area

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is looking for four (4) energetic and dynamic professionals to work as full-time Regional Policy Managers in Southern California (2 positions), the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Washington D.C. region.  The Regional Policy Managers will build, strengthen, and maintain networks of diverse organizations and individuals to advocate for improved transportation funding allocations and policies for Safe Routes to School, walking and bicycling in conjunction with their regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and surrounding jurisdictions.  Applications are due October 31, and the start date is January 3, 2012. Click here for more information and details on how to apply.

Learn About BABC's Advocacy Platform

 Sign up to support the BABC Platform for MTC's Regional Transportation   Planand Sustainable Communities Strategy.

  Every 4 years, MTC plans transportation investments for the region and   we need your help to increase Safe Routes to School funding, strengthen Complete Streets policies, reserve a percentage of One Bay Area grant projects for stand-alone bicycle pedestrian projects, and mprove modeling and data collection. 

For more information, click here

California Bicycle Summit


The CaliforniaBicycle Summit is rapidly approaching!  

The summit is a great to attend a wonderful bicycle advocacy conference with the state. 

Events kick off on Saturday with bike tours of Los Angeles. Saturday night is the opening reception followed by a networking event and party in downtown Los Angeles! Sunday and Monday will be full of content, where we'll learn about best practices in bicycle advocacy from around the world and set the strategic direction of the statewidebicycle movement.

Register by 10/5 and pay only $85. After 10/5 the price changes to $110. 

For more information, visit the California BIcycle Coalition website

Alameda County Transportation Commission's Survey of Bicyclists


 The survey is now closed. Thank you. 

The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is conducting a web survey of bicyclists in Alameda County. This is an opportunity to give valuable feedback on your bicycling habits, how you feel about bicycling events such as Bike to Work Day, and how bicycling in Alameda County can be improved.  The survey will take approximately fifteen minutes. The more people that participate in the survey, the more information Alameda CTC can collect to ensure that Bike to Work Day 2012 and other bicycling-related events continue to be successful. This is your chance to make your voice heard and help us continue to create events that support and encourage bicycling in Alameda County. 

Click here to take the survey. 

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

Landmark Safe Passing Bill Beats Stiff Opposition to Win Assembly Committee Vote


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Model: Sean DeHart


The California Bicycle Coalition’s bill to give drivers clearer guidance about how to pass bicyclists safely was approved yesterday by the Assembly Transportation Committee in a raucous hearing that reflected California’s deeply conflicted relationship to motor vehicles and driving.

 Senate Bill 910, authored by Sen. Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach and co-sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, would amend the California Vehicle Code's vague guidance for how drivers must pass bicyclists by requiring drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing from behind. Three feet is the passing distance required in 19 other states and also recommended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in the California Driver’s Handbook.

Existing state law requires drivers to pass other vehicles and bicyclists at a “safe distance” that is not further defined in law. Passing-from-behind collisions account for about 40% of all adult bicyclist fatalities, the leading cause of such deaths.

The committee approved SB 910 on an 8-to-5, party-line vote after nearly an hour of debate in which unionized truckers and the state’s two automobile clubs and their allies on the committee argued that specifying a minimum passing distance might confuse and inconvenience drivers, tie up traffic and lead to more collisions.

Bike 4 Breathe

 Come join Breathe California on Saturday, July 23rd for the 20th annual Bike 4 Breath in beautiful Foster City!


Join hundreds of riders helping Breathe California to offer clean air and lung health programs to communities across the Bay Area.
Routes are provided for all types of riders from a 10 and 18 mile ride, great for beginner and families, to a 50 and 62 mile ride for more experienced riders.
All ages and abilities are welcome to participate in Bike 4 Breath.
Volunteer positions for the event are also available.

For more information please visit our website:

Team Bike Challenge Winners Announced

 Here is the complete list of winners for 2011's Team Bike Challenge. Congratulations to all! 

Top Overall Team

Sangamo Cyclers

508 points / 2,901.2 miles

Sangamo BioSciences

Alameda County

Alameda County

Sangamo Cyclers


508 points / 2,901.2 miles

Sangamo BioSciences

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Hydrologic Cyclers

276 points / 2,083.4 miles

East Bay Municipal District

Marin County

Carbon Cyclers

344 points/ 2, 223.2 miles

Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies

Napa County


330 points / 2, 239.2 miles

Avia Hotel

San Francisco County


397 points / 4, 690.1 miles

San Mateo County


317 points / 2, 293.4 miles


Santa Clara County

Team Endurance

500 points / 2, 876.4 miles

Tesla Motors Inc

Solano County

Vaca 5

266 points / 1,211.2 miles

City of Vacaville

Sonoma County

Water Agency Wheelers

373 points / 2, 506.7 miles

Sonoma County Water Agency


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