Bicycling Resources

These pages contain important resources from the BABC and other groups.

Bay Area Bicycle Clubs


These cycling clubs throughout the Bay Area offer fun and recreational riding for all levels of riders from beginners, recreational riders, and racers. Some organizations also provide cycling skills and general fitness clinics to improve riding and overall fitness.






Almaden Cycle Touring Club - A group of about 1000 bicycle enthusiasts based in the south San Francisco Bay area. Emphasis is on group fun and safety, with a variety of bicycling related events for a wide range of ability levels.

Bay Area Easy Riders - Join us to get in shape, learn bike safety, gain confidence, and have fun. Gather for weekend rides, planning, some gear talk, training tips, safety, etc.!

Bay Area Velo Girls - Was founded in March, 2002 by Lorri Lee Lown, a San Francisco Bay Area cyclist. The club is a place where women and girls can share their love for cycling in a safe, friendly, encouraging environment.

Berkeley Bicycle Club - A bicycle racing and rider development club dedicated to local promotion of the sport.

The Diablo Cyclists - Located in Walnut Creek, California, the Diablo Cyclists is a recreational road, touring and off road bicycle club. We are focused on providing cyclists of all levels an opportunity to ride, train and socialize with other bicycle enthusiasts.

Different Spokes - The San Francisco Bay Area's Lesbian and Gay bicycling club, open to all members of the Gay-Lesbian community and its friends. We promote relationships through the shared interest of bicycling.

Eagle Cycling Club - Provides cyclists with a variety of riding experiences. Our members can be seen on the road, in the hills, on tandems, on recumbents and often pulling kids in trailers.

Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club - A non-profit club organized for the purpose of promoting all facets of bicycling, which includes leisure, recreational, touring and racing, always with an emphasis on bicycle safety and education.

Grizzly Peak Cyclists - A bicycle club based in Berkeley, California. We call ourselves a “bicycle touring club”, but that just scratches the surface of who we are and what we do.

Marin Cyclists - Provides an environment for cyclists to meet other cyclists and experience the beauties of Marin County and the surrounding Bay Area, together.  We offer organized rides during the weekend and shorter rides during the week.

Oakland Yellowjackets Bicycle Club - A social, multi-cultural bicycling group for men and women of all ages and skill levels. We are not a racing team. Our "no-drop" policy ensures that even the slowest cyclists will always ride accompanied.

Santa Rosa Cycling Club - A social/recreational organization comprised of cycling enthusiasts with a wide range of abilities and interests

Skyline Cycling Club - A social, recreational bicycle club in the San Francisco South Bay Area.

Single Cyclists - A free dating site that brings bike lovers together. From road to mountain biking and from amateur to competitive cyclist - hit the road: register and create a profile now.

Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring Club - A San Francisco Bay Area bicycle club based in Dublin California, approximately 15 miles southeast of Oakland. The club schedules both local and non-local rides.

Western Wheelers - A nonprofit organization based on the San Francisco Peninsula that hosts a variety of rides every month to suit cyclists of all abilities.

Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society (WOMBATS) - Sustain a women's off-road cycling network so that members may find a riding partner. Encourage girls and women to try cycling for the fun of it. Learn local trails. Improve riding skill.



Other Bicycle Advocacy Organizations


These organizations welcome new members to work on cycling issues for both on-street and off-street projects. You can get involved in local, regional, statewide or nationwide bicycle advocacy.

Bay Area

Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition - Founded in the summer of 1995 to bring together bicyclists plus parents, merchants, and environmentalists who share our vision.

Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay - Educates cyclists in responsible mountain biking, to advocate for appropriate access and to promote community among trail users so all may fully enjoy and preserve the natural spaces of the East Bay.

Bicycle Trails Council of Marin - Dedicated to the acceptance of mountain biking as a legitimate and environmentally sound use of the land. The BTC works to educate bikers, as well as other users, of local regulations and proper trail etiquette.

BikeAlameda - Works to increase the city's bicycle network and facilities, to educate the community about the benefits of safe bicycling, and to provide a community to which Alameda bicyclists can belong.

Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers (ROMP) - Encourages mountain bikers to take part in trail maintenance and construction, participate in land manager meetings and master plans, ride with respect for the land and other trail users, and have fun!

San Francisco Bay Train Project (Association of Bay Area Governments) - Makes available grant funds for trail construction and maintenance; participates in planning efforts and encourages consistency with the adopted Bay Trail Plan; educates the public and decision-makers about the merits and benefits of the Bay Trail.

Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (WOBO) - Improves neighborhood quality of life by making biking in Oakland safe, easy, accessible and fun.



California Bicycle Coalition - A nonprofit education and lobbying organization working to improve bicycling conditions throughout California. CBC's mission is to create safe, healthy and livable communities in California by promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation.

California Association of Bicycle Organizations (CABO) - Fosters and promotes a favorable climate for bicycling in California by representing the interests of cyclists before the appropriate governmental bodies to protect their rights and promoting laws, policies, and actions that treat cyclists equitably.



Adventure Cycling Association - Inspires people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fitness, fun, and self-discovery.

League of American Bicyclists - Promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America.

National Center for Bicycling and Walking - Changes the way communities are planned, designed and managed to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can walk and bike easily, safely and regularly.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center - A national clearinghouse for information about health and safety, engineering, advocacy, education, enforcement, access, and mobility for pedestrians (including transit users) and bicyclists.

Transportation for America - is a coalition of housing, business, environmental, public health, transportation, equitable development, and other organizations. We’re all seeking to align our national, state, and local transportation policies with an array of issues like economic opportunity, climate change, energy security, health, housing and community development.


Bicycling Information Sites


Here are some other bike resources where you can get information about bicycling from your community to countries around the world. - Get Bay Area bicycling information on the bicycling page

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Reference Guide (pdf) - Provides Caltrans staff with a synthesis of information on non-motorized transportation to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists on the state highway system throughout California, serving as a resource on policies, laws, programs, the Caltrans planning and design process, guidelines, and best practices. (2005) - Chat with bicyclists all over the world - Lists bike rides throughout the Bay Area along with other types of fun events.

Cycle California! Magazine - Advocacy and Bicycling information for California cyclists

Krebs Bicycle Maps - Northern California Bicycle Maps


Non-Motorized Program Reports

California Blueprint for Bicycling and Walking (pdf) - Outlines measurable goals to enact the 2001 Budget Act requirements to increase bicycling and walking trips 50 percent and decrease bicycle and pedestrian fatality rates 50 percent by 2010.(2002)
Appendix A - Design Guidance to Accommodate Pedestrian & Bicycle Travel (FHWA) - A policy statement adopted by the United States Department of Transportation. USDOT hopes that public agencies, professional associations, advocacy groups, and others adopt this approach as a way of committing themselves to integrating bicycling and walking into the transportation mainstream. (2008)
Appendix B - Deputy Directive 64 - Revision 1: Complete Streets - Integrating the Transportation System - A Caltrans policy enacted in 2008 which requires that The Department fully considers the needs of non-motorized travelers (including pedestrians, bicyclists, and persons with disabilities) in all programming, planning, maintenance, construction, operations and project development activities and products.

Appendix C - Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Checklists

Appendix D - Where People Walk
Appendix E - Statement of Work - Summarizes key areas where effort will be required to successfully implement the Blueprint. Tasks likely would be performed by public agencies in partnership with advocates and interest groups and by consultants under contract.
Appendix F - Bike-Pedestrian Data - 2000 Census Bike/Walk to Work data.


Local Bicycle Coalitions


Local bicycle coalitions provide several important services for cyclists including local bike maps, safety classes and cycling events.  Membership in local bicycle coalitions is a great way to get local discounts while supporting bicycle advocacy.  Visit your local bicycle coalitions website for more information.

East Bay Bicycle Coalition
Marin County Bicycle Coalition
Napa Bicycle Coalition
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
Solano County Bicycle Advisory Committee
Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition

Get Your Employees Riding on Bike to Work Day

1. Make Sure Your Employees Know About Bike to Work Day.
• Hang the enclosed poster in a common area. Print more copies from the Bike to Work Day Employer Resources section at
• Send an email with links to helpful bike commuting tips. Visit for a sample email.

2. Inspire Your Employees
• Ask an employee who bikes to be the company “Bike Ambassador” to answer questions about the best routes to work and where to park bicycles.
• Plan a Bike to Work Day event or reward for employees who bike.

3. Show Employees How Easy it is to Bike to Work
• Biking is healthy, cost effective and convenient!
• Host a brown bag lunch and invite bike commuting employees to share their experiences, answer questions, etc.
• Helpful information to get started can be found at

4. Take Part in the Team Bike Challenge
Register your staff team online at and challenge other Bay Area commuters and win great prizes for bike commuting during the month of May.

5. Ready to Make Everyday Bike to Work Day?
Visit the Bike to Work Day Employer Resources section of for tips to encourage bicycle commuting

Bicycle Commuting Benefits

Make an impact at your workplace by supporting a fun, convenient, cost-effective, commute that will benefit the company for years to come. Join Businesses All Across the Bay Area Who are Already Enjoying the Benefits of Encouraging a Bike Commute to Employees:

• A fun way to get where they need to go
• A safe and reliable alternative to driving
• Financial savings on on gas, parking and transit
• Convenience of a door-to-door commute and easy parking
• Better physical and mental health by getting exercise during their commute



Bicycle Rules of the Road


These resources help bicyclists understand how to ride safely and legally on public roads in California.

California Vehicle Code: Sections relating to bicycles are 21200 through 21212, and sections 39001 through 30012, This link will direct you to the table of contents for the Vehicle Code, once there you can click on the section of your interest.

California Streets and Highways Code: Sections relating to bicycles are 890 through 894.2. This link will direct you to the table of contents for the Streets and Highways Code, once there you can click on the section of your interest.

California Department of Motor Vehicles: California Driver Handbook has sections relating to bicycles.

SF Bike Coalition's Rules of the Road - Bike Law 101, Traffic Ticket FAQ, Bike lane rules, etc.

Bicycle Safety Tips

in Bicycle Safety - Flash animation about how to ride safely and comfortably.

SF Bike Coalitions Bike Safety Section - How to sign up for street skills classes, and other useful suggestions.

From A to Z by Bike - A comprehensive guide to safe bicycling for kids and adults.

Gearing Up For Better Bicycling (pdf) - This brochure features projects the Department and local agencies throughout California have implemented to improve safety and convenience for bicyclists. (2002)