Sunnyvale looking to retune land use and transportation plan by 2010 (Mercury News)

The way Sunnyvale land is developed over the next 20 years is riding on the city's Land Use and Transportation Element, which is currently being eyed for an overhaul. The city's planning division recently held three workshops to gather input on how to upgrade the land use and transportation portion of the city's General Plan, which essentially lays out the guidelines for how land is zoned and developed. The city last updated the plan in 1997. For the first time, the city is exploring the idea of sustainability in the plan. Sunnyvale is updating it's Land Use and Transportation Plan.  If you're a resident and have ideas for how to improve biking and walking in Sunnyvale, please contact:

City Staff Contact for the Land Use and Transportation Element
Gerri Caruso, Principal Planner (408) 730-7591

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