Safe Routes to Transit Projects

Safe Routes to Transit has already provided many improvements to the safety and ease of bike and pedestrian access to transit.  Here are a few:

Already Built

Richmond/Ohlone Greenway

The Richmond/Ohlone Greenway represents a regional route connecting the cities of Richmond, El Cerrito and Berkeley. It provides safe and easy access to many AC Transit and BART stations, passing near Richmond BART and three schools. It will also connect three major East Bay bikeways, the Bay Trail, the Ohlone Greenway and the I-80 Bikeway, which travels north to the Rodeo Transit Center.

San Francisco 16th St. BART Bicycle Stair Channel

This ramp allows cyclists to push rather than carry their bikes up three flights of stairs. This takes weight off cyclists shoulders and is safer for all transit users, reducing the risk of dropping a bike or accidently hitting others on the stairs.


Coming Soon

Puerto Suello Hill Pathway

This project provides safe pedestrian and bicycle access to the San Rafael Transit Center. It connects the Puerto Suello Hill Pathway which ends at the intersection of Mission Avenue and Hetherton Avenue to the San Rafael Transit Center.


Bike Station at Berkeley BART

The bike station at the Downtown Berkeley BART station will be expanded. The new bike station will be located in the now-vacant Shoe Pavilion store on Shattuck. It will replace the current station, which is inside the BART station. It will provide free attended bike parking for 200 bikes, bicycle repair, bicycle rentals, showers and lockers, and community bike education classes. For more information visit



Planned with Funding from Safe Routes


New BART Test Cars

Design plans for the new cars include a space designated for bicycles including a bar which allows cyclists to strap the bikes down. There will be more room for additional passengers, bikes and luggage. There is also possibility of upgrading them with new technology for customer communication, new interior fabrics and colors, and new modular seat configurations. Visit for more information.


 Mission and Geneva Pedestrian Improvements

The neighborhood will be transformed into a corridor with a landscape buffer along London Street. Traffic-calming measures will be installed to slow speeding cars. Improved curbs and bus stops for pedestrians will also be installed. Amenities to make the area safer will be added such as countdown traffic signals and improved street lighting. Bus stops will be combined to make it easier for riders to connect to BART. For more information visit

Pleasant Hill BART/Contra Costa Centre Shortcut Path and Wayfinding System Project

The purpose of this project is to make the area around the BART station friendlier to pedestrians and bicyclists, and to improve access to and from the BART station. One of the projects added was the extension of a Pedestrian Promenade from the BART station
to neighborhoods northeast of the station. The Shortcut Path will improve on local transportation options and improve access to community amenities. For more information visit

Balboa Park Ocean Avenue Pedestrian/Bicycle Connections

Some of the proposed improvements include improving safety while increasing access by reducing collisions, upgrading street lighting, landscaping and street furniture, and improved directional signage in and around the station. Expected results are a major improvement to pedestrian and bicyclist comfort and safety, better end-to-end transit experience for pedestrians and cyclists and increased transit ridership and rider retention. For more information visit