Safe Routes to Transit

Safe Routes to Transit is a slogan which promotes a vision for seamless and convenient bicycle and pedestrian access to public transportation. This access includes routes to stations, secure and available parking, and comprehensive on-board access. 


Most people cite safety as a primary motivation for using their cars to get to transit centers, thus the notion that an increase in accommodation for non-motorized modes will in turn increase the numbers of people choosing to leave their cars at home and walk or bicycle instead.


Safe Routes to Transit is also a very popular, competitive Bay Area funding program that was started via voter approval of Regional Measure 2 in March 2004. It is co-administered for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission by TransForm and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.


The $20 million designated for Safe Routes to Transit is planned to expire with its last grant cycle in 2013. BABC is working to expand this funding program through 2035 via the 2009 Regional Transportation Plan campaign.

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