Richmond-San Rafael Bridge


STATUS:  No bicycle or pedestrian access.


Connecting Interstate 580 between Contra Costa and Marin Counties, the 5.5 mile long bridge is not accessible to bicyclists or pedestrians.  Since its completion in 1956, the Richmond San Rafael Bridge has been an important route for North Bay travelers, but direct access has been denied to non-motorized traffic.  Bicycle advocates have struggled for the past 50 years to obtain access on this bridge.  Two Statewide studies indicate direct access would be reasonably safe, feasible, and affordable, and a third study has been underway since 2003.  Bicyclists had previously proposed use of the 12 foot shoulder for public access, but Caltrans is currently studying the possibility of using that shoulder as a third lane for automobile access.  Caltrans has also determined that any public access must be provided with a solid barrier. 


It is expected that proposal for public access will come before MTC and BCDC at the end of 2007 or early in 2008.  For the latest news on bike access, go to the Marin County Bicycle Coalition (MCBC) website or contact Deb Hubsmith, MCBC Advocacy Director, to support current actions for bridge access:  deb AT marinbike DOT org or call at 415-454-7430.