Another of the very effective means for making change in the way our transportation system works is through legislation.


Bills are crafted to define policy, designate minimum standards, to amend deficient laws, and to create funding sources.  (To get more familiar with the process of turning ideas into law, read this Overview of Legislative Process)


BABC primarily works through the State of California’s California Bicycle Coaltion (CBC) to articulate a legislative agenda.  CBC contracts with a lobbyist, sponsors legislation, and has a legislative committee (which BABC is a member of) which deliberates positions of support and sometimes opposition for other bicycling-related legislation.

California Legislation Affecting Bicycling

AB 32 - Air pollution: greenhouse gases: California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
Sets Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for California

SB 375
- Transportation planning: travel demand models: sustainable communities strategy: environmental review

Ties AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions to Transportation Planning

AB 1358 - Planning: circulation element: transportation
Requires Cities and Counties to include a Complete Streets Policy in their General Plans
SB 391 - California Transportation Plan
Sets the scope of the state transportation plan, including Smart Mobility and Transportation Demand Modelling standards
SB 1061 - San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: capital projects
Seeks to allow toll funds to be spent on the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge West Span Bicycle Pedestrian Maintenance Pathway
AB 1951 - Vehicles: misdemeanor: collision: pedestrian and bicyclist
Vulnerable Road Users Law seeks to increase penalties for distracted drivers involved in a crash with a bicyclist, pedestrian or other vulnerable road user.
SB 1475 - Vehicles: electronic wireless communications devices: prohibitions
Seeks to increase penalties for cell phone use while driving and extends penalties to bicyclists.
SB 518 - Vehicles: parking services and fees
Seeks to restrict state funds from subsidizing auto parking.