Golden Gate Bridge


 STATUS:  Twenty-four hour direct access.


The only Bay Area Bridge not owned by the state, the Golden Gate Bridge falls under the jurisdiction of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District:


While cyclists today can enjoy direct access, twenty-four hours a day to the Golden Gate Bridge, this availability has only existed since November 23, 1992.  When the bridge was opened in 1937, only pedestrians were allowed on the sidewalks.  Thirty-four years later, cyclists were granted access during weekdays on the East sidewalk, and on the West during the weekend.  Efforts from bicycle advocates led to the November 1992 opening of the bridge to cyclists 24 hours a day.  Check out for an explanation of how to use the remotely controlled security gates on the bridge after 9pm and before dawn.


In November of 2003, an eleven-month installation process of a public safety railing was completed on the Golden Gate Bridge.  The railing protects the pathway from motor vehicle traffic.  While the Golden Gate Bridge is a huge tourist attraction, it is also a major transportation route for cyclists; the installation of this barrier represents a major safety improvement. 


Thanks to public comment over the past few years, the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District’s proposal for a $1 bicycle and pedestrian toll has not been enacted.  But this doesn’t rule out future attempts from the GGBHTD to gain money through a bike/pedestrian toll. If any such proposals are discussed in the future, BABC will continue to work with local coalitions to fight a proposed toll.