Essential Facebook Page Applications

Facebook Applications extend the functionality of your Facebook Page allowing you to automate the sharing of your web content, take in donations, and customize your page's look.  These are the most useful applications I've found for Facebook pages so far:

RSS to Facebook Notes
The most essential tool for a good Facebook Page.  Automatically posts your RSS feed to your Facebook page, automating the process of sharing content from your web page with Facebook.

The fundraising and membership tool for Facebook.  It allows your supporters to make a "Birthday Wish" for their friends to donate to your organization.


FBML - Facebook Markup Language
(Custom HTML on Facebook)
Allows you to create a custom HTML badge for your facebook profile. Great for customizing your page with pics and links you need such as:
"Become a Member" links
Sponsor logos and links

My Flickr
Automatically displays the latest pictures from your flickr page and links back to your flickr account.


Youtube Badge
Automatically posts your latest youtube videos on your Facebook page.