Clone of Technology for Our Movement

This workshop focuses on the most useful and relevant technologies for bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations.  It will cover databases, online event registrations, online systems and tools, list serves, web 2.0 technologies, RSS feeds, content management systems, and so much more. Ensure your organization is embracing all opportunities to connect with your members, increase your membership, and raise funds effectively.

The web is a huge but fractured market.  Building a great web site and creating compelling content is the first step in successfully promoting your cause online.  The next step is to collect and connect your content to the myriad of social networks that will connect you to millions of users.  Using these tools, we increased our web hits to our Bike to Work Day site 7 fold (from 1 Million in 2008 to 7 Million in 2009)

  1. Six Secrets to Social Network Success
  2. Content Management System with RSS
    Example Site: Bike to Work Day designed with Drupal
    Here's a comparison of these top CMS platforms, all have RSS capability
    1. Drupal (our CMS)
    2. Joomla
    3. Wordpress
  3. Youtube - Organize your Videos
    1. YouTube Group
    2. Upload Updates
  4. Flickr - Organize your Images
    1. Flickr Group
    2. RSS feed
  5. Facebook Page
    Example: Bike to Work Day
    1. Applications
      1. RSS to Facebook Notes
      2. Causes
      3. FBML - Facebook Markup Language
      4. My Flickr
      5. Youtube Badge
    2. Tracking
      1. Fans
      2. Insights (hits to your Facebook Page)
  6. Twitter
    1. RSS to Twitter via Twitterfeed
    2. RT - Retweets
    3. @Mentions
    4. Tracking
      2. Twitter Search
      4. Tweetstats
      5. Twinfluence