Ask BATA to finish the job and Bridge the Gap at the December 7th Meeting!

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) is considering a toll increase on the seven state-owned Bay Area toll bridges (all but the Golden Gate) to help finance seismic retrofit projects on the Antioch and Dumbarton bridges. BATA is asking for your input on the toll increase — this is a perfect time to ask BATA to dedicate some part of that toll revenue to completing the West Span pathway project and bridging the gap. Come to BATA's public meeting in San Francisco:

Monday, December 7, 6:30 pm
San Francisco State University Downtown Campus
835 Market Street, Room 609

Please let BATA know you want them to take a piece of that toll increase and apply it to finishing the Bay Bridge job to make it accesible for non-motorized travellers. If you can't make it to the meeting, be sure to send your written comments by December 21 to, take BATA's online survey, and learn more about the proposed toll increase.

Bay Bridge Resources:
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Contact for information on the hearing.