Our Vision

The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition’s goal is to make the San Francisco Bay Area a national model for progressive bicycling policies, and to provide a safe and comprehensive network to facilitate bicycling throughout the region. BABC believes that bicycling can and should be a viable transportation and recreation option for all of the wonderfully diverse residents of the Bay Area.




Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition (BABC) is to promote safe and enjoyable bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation. BABC seeks to promote bicycling by:

  • Representing the local bicycle advocacy coalitions in the San Francisco Bay Area on issues of regional significance.
  • Working to ensure that cyclists have complete and direct access to all Bay Area bridges and transit systems.
  • Working with government agencies to ensure that all transportation policies and projects provide safe and convenient access for all bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Supporting policies and legislation to increase funding for bicycle facilities.
  • Organizing public events to promote bicycling in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Working with public agencies, advocacy groups, and other parties to promote non-motorized modes of transportation, to improve air quality, and to encourage better coordination between land use and transportation planning.
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