Ask BATA to finish the job and Bridge the Gap at the December 7th Meeting!

The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) is considering a toll increase on the seven state-owned Bay Area toll bridges (all but the Golden Gate) to help finance seismic retrofit projects on the Antioch and Dumbarton bridges. BATA is asking for your input on the toll increase — this is a perfect time to ask BATA to dedicate some part of that toll revenue to completing the West Span pathway project and bridging the gap. Come to BATA's public meeting in San Francisco:

Monday, December 7, 6:30 pm
San Francisco State University Downtown Campus
835 Market Street, Room 609

Please let BATA know you want them to take a piece of that toll increase and apply it to finishing the Bay Bridge job to make it accesible for non-motorized travellers. If you can't make it to the meeting, be sure to send your written comments by December 21 to, take BATA's online survey, and learn more about the proposed toll increase.

Bay Bridge Resources:
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
East Bay Bicycle Coalition
Bay Area Bicycle Coalition

Contact for information on the hearing.

Support the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition

Bid on items at the Sonoma County Bike Coalitions Ebay Fundraiser Site and help raise money for more bike infrastructure in Sonoma County!



Vote for BABC in Chase Community Giving Contest

Chase is giving away $5 million to various charities and needs you to help pick which ones. Please click on the button below to vote for BABC and then get friends and others on Facebook to do the same. With enough votes you can help BABC win funds to make bicycling in the Bay Area safer and more convenient. Vote by December 11th.

Sunnyvale looking to retune land use and transportation plan by 2010 (Mercury News)

The way Sunnyvale land is developed over the next 20 years is riding on the city's Land Use and Transportation Element, which is currently being eyed for an overhaul. The city's planning division recently held three workshops to gather input on how to upgrade the land use and transportation portion of the city's General Plan, which essentially lays out the guidelines for how land is zoned and developed. The city last updated the plan in 1997. For the first time, the city is exploring the idea of sustainability in the plan. Sunnyvale is updating it's Land Use and Transportation Plan.  If you're a resident and have ideas for how to improve biking and walking in Sunnyvale, please contact:

City Staff Contact for the Land Use and Transportation Element
Gerri Caruso, Principal Planner (408) 730-7591

General LUTE Update Email

City Website

Planning Division Web Page 


BABC Receives National Philanthropy Day Award From Kaiser Permanente


On November 15th the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition was honored by Kaiser Permanente and the Association of Fundraising Professionals for our contributions to the San Francisco Bay Area community as part of National Philanthropy Day. The award ceremonies honored non-profit organizations and individuals and foundations who give generously to organizations working to improve the Bay Area. The Commonwealth Club also hosted a panal discussion: “Philanthropists Who Inspire” with Warren Hellman, Diane B. Wilsey, Laura Scher, and Akiko Yamazaki.  Our thanks go out to Kaiser Permanente for honoring us and for their continued support of bicycling in the Bay Area.























































Study sees transit saving Californians' energy, cutting greenhouse gas (Sacramento Bee)

A new study says Californians could save billions each year and cut greenhouse gas emissions by developing neighborhoods within easy access of public transportation. The study – "Windfall for All: How Connected, Convenient Neighborhoods Can Protect Our Climate and Safeguard California's Economy" – was conducted by Oakland-based TransForm, formerly the Transportation and Land Use Coalition. This is another example of how saving Safe Routes to Transit is a good idea. Read more...

Download CycleTracks, the new iPhone Bicycle Planning App

Calling all biking iPhone users! Download CycleTracks, the free app that generates maps and statistics of your rides that you can share with friends. Time and route data is saved for you—and also transmitted to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to improve the bicycle component of their travel forecasting model, helping planners better understand and serve the needs of San Francisco cyclists. You’ll be promoting Bay Area cycling with your iPhone! (All data collected will be kept confidential)

Win a $50 iTunes gift card!

If you download CycleTracks and use it for at least one trip by November 27th, you’ll be automatically entered in all drawings to win one of ten $50 iTunes Gift Cards*. Download CycleTracks or search for it in the iTunes app store. For more information about CycleTracks, visit or our Facebook page.

*—We’ll need your email address, but it won’t be shared with anyone—and we’ll keep you posted on the progress of the study.  (See complete contest rules)

Come to MTC on December 9th to help Save Safe Routes to Transit

Downtown Berkeley BART Bike Station is being expanded with SR2T funds.  Click here to see what other projects are being funded by SR2T.
Downtown Berkeley BART Bike Station
See More SR2T projects

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in April 2009 promised $50 Million each in funding over the next 5 years for Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) as part of their Climate Action Plan.  However, in MTC’s recent proposal for programming federal funding, they have limited their funding for SR2T to evaluation of the program with no money to continue to build improvements to ensure safe and easy access to regional transit.

It is unacceptable to completely eliminate funding for such an important program as Safe Routes to Transit that was promised to the public in the RTP. We need your help to ensure that MTC invests in making transit safer and easier for bikes and pedestrians to access.  Heres what you can do:

Speak Up In Favor of Safe Routes to Transit at MTC December 9th
Join us in voicing your support for safer and easier access to transit at the December 9th Programming and Allocations Meeting at MTC. For more information contact Andrew Casteel at 415.814.9247 or

If You Can't Come to the Meeting, Share Your Ideas for Making Your Transit Commute Safer
Next time you are walking or biking to transit and you see something that could be made safer or easier to navigate, let us know where it is and how Safe Routes to Transit funds could help fix it, take a picture if you can and then share it with us in one of the following ways.  We'll be presenting all the responses we get to MTC's December 9th meeting to help make the case for funding Safe Routes to Transit.

Thank you to everyone who signed our Safe Routes to Transit Petition
We've shown MTC that there is great demand for these funds.  Click Here to View

BABC Awarded $15,000 SF Foundation Grant for iBikeChallenge Program

The BABC was awarded $15,000 to create the iBikeChallenge web and iPhone application to promote bicycling trips throughout the Bay Area. The iBikeChallenge is an online competition that encourages users to bike for everyday transportation by tracking the total benefits to their budget, their health and the environment. The iPhone application will track users trips which will generate data that will be used by transportation planners to improve the network of bicycle facilities. The goals of the program are to increase the number of bicycle and trips throughout the region, improve bicycle planning by providing more accurate information about cyclists route choices and measure the impact of increased bicycle travel on the environment and public health.  Check back for updates on the progress of the application which we will be launching in May.


New direction for Market Street (The Examiner)

In a rare example of harmony in San Francisco, merchants, transit advocates and pedestrians have all expressed some degree of support for the much-ballyhooed experiment to restrict cars on Market Street that started last month. The current situation, which took effect Sept. 29 with the backing of Mayor Gavin Newsom, forces private automobiles traveling eastbound on Market Street to make right turns at Sixth and Eighth streets off the thoroughfare. Read more...


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